Current Works 2017_Brookhart_0002_Cycle.

the dictionary series

In the slanted light of a winter’s sun, I began  by playing with everyday objects on a tabletop. Opening a dictionary next to them prompted visual association, compositional juggling and word play.

line of sight

A dynamic quality of line travels through each image of this series like a wireframe, integrating individual photos with the others. Lines tie the group’s subject matter together, but points of view are shifting from outside to indoors, then to a suggestion of our inner thoughts. All of us travel in the world this way: guided back and forth between the live world of grass-under-our-feet to the dreamy ideas of a more ethereal environment.

road, rails,

and the river

“Road bed,

rail bed,

river bed ready;

gone and back

and gone and back

and gone and back

on track,

gone and back



and back

by rollin’ muddy


These simple archetypal themes are combined to show both literal and poetic ideas of traveling, primarily through the American South, and including a wider rural America.


A simple constraint:

What if  

I centered